Dyamond Dance is a unique and revolutionary school of dance, fitness and performing arts which took Bexhill, Hastings, Eastbourne and surrounding areas by storm back in 2005!


Since then the school has become one of the most well known and successful schools in the area.

Founded by Chloella Gunn at just 19 years old, Chloella was the first to bring the well known styles of street, hip hop and commercial dance to the area. From moving from London where Chloella trained, performed and taught; she couldn’t wait to explore the talents of her home town and see if these styles would be as popular as they were in London and other large cities.

The phenomenon took off bigger than Chloella could ever dream of and this is where the Dyamond Dance journey began.


Dyamond Dance has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of decades and from the very early years evolved from being an ‘urban and commercial’ based school to also offering classical and traditional dance classes, fitness classes, acrobatic classes, singing classes, drama classes and so much more.

As well as the traditional classes you may find at other schools such as classical ballet, street dance and jazz dance, Chloella was always keen to create and evolve the dance industry and classes available for students and therefore created unique dance styles such as ‘urban ballet’ and ‘hip hop tap’ which are now some of the most popular styles in the school.


Dyamond Dance is a proud member of various dance boards and governing bodies such as I.D.T.A , U.D.O and Acrobatic Arts where students are offered the opportunity to take examinations in their chosen styles in order to gain certifications and awards for their hard work and achievements.

Dyamond Dance has a 100% pass rate for all students who have taken exams with the school. Dyamond Dance is also one of the only schools in the area that offers teaching qualifications for students that excel in the art and would like to take their hobby further and start a career in the performing arts industry.


Over the years Chloella and Dyamond Dance have won many awards for their success including business awards, championship trophies and dance class awards.

Many former students of the school have also gone on to study at well known dance and performing colleges, and are travelling the world as professional dancers or are teaching dance as their career.

We couldn’t be more proud of how far the school has developed and grown and look forward to the years to come!


After many successful years, in April 2022 Chloella decided to take a step back to concentrate on her family and handed the company over to her sister Biba. This was a big decision for Chloella, but she felt 100% confident that Biba would continue to make Dyamond a success and allow it to evolve and grow.

As the new Principal, Biba has thrown her heart, soul and passion into Dyamond Dance and is excited to take the school and students to the next stage. Biba has many plans for Dyamond including Shows, Performances, Competitions and much more.

Although the Principal has changed, there is no doubt that Biba will run Dyamond exactly how it has been and will ensure it will continue to be the same fun, family environment that we all know and love about Dyamond Dance.

"I wouldn't recommend any other place as highly as here, been her over 10 years with the most amazing teachers and I've made the most amazing friends" - Millie, aged 17